Marla Sokoloff, best known as Lucy, the spunky secretary on The Practice, is so endearing that you almost don't notice she's sporting pink hair these days.

Pink hair? What's up with that? "I had really dark hair at the beginning of the season and I just think the producers weren't feelin' it," she tells TV Guide Online. "They suggested maybe a red highlight, and I was like, 'That's so boring!' Lucy's such a trendsetter, so I said, 'Screw it! I'm going pink!' They make such a big deal about me being the young one and the sassy one so I'm playing into it."

Sassy, indeed! The 19-year-old cutie filmed the romantic teen flick Whatever It Takes during her hiatus and relished working with her peers. "On The Practice the actors I work with are [over 30] and in this movie everybody was under 30. It was kind of like summer camp for me."

Sokoloff also joins the legions of actors who found love on the set. She and Whatever co-star James Franco (Freaks and Geeks) got busy during the shoot. "We kept it a secret for a while. He was like, 'We have to be professional,' and I just wanted to tell everybody. I didn't care. I was, like, 'Whatever!' "

Most couples have pictures to commemorate memorable moments, while Sokoloff has a motion picture. "I watched the movie the other night and I was so touched by the scenes where he goes to kiss my character. We hadn't been going out yet and I was truly nervous to kiss him because I liked him so much. The realism is there and it makes it special to watch." Awww.