Does Mark Feuerstein have a secret crush on Women on Top co-star Penelopé Cruz? It sure seems like it, given how gushy he gets when it comes to describing his leading lady.

"She's got everything," the actor tells TV Guide Online. "She has all the sex appeal that you can imagine. There is something about Penelopé that is so classy, so sexy. I was reading an article in Talk magazine about how we don't have the stars of old. We used to have Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor — everything you wanted a star to be. I don't know if I'm being dramatic, but if [anyone can] conjure up that old Hollywood glamour, she can."

Feuerstein admits that he wasn't even familiar with Cruz when he was cast in the film, which opened last weekend to so-so reviews. "I thought [she had] a cool name, but other than that, I had no idea who she was," he says. "You'd think she couldn't be that smart, but she's smarter than she is pretty and she's funnier than she is smart and she's kinder than she is any of those."

The Rules Of Engagement actor next stars as Mel Gibson's sidekick in What Women Want and returns this season to his recurring role as Leo on ABC's Once and Again. Although he says he's "proud" to be a part of the ABC drama, his experience on the failed sitcoms Fired Up and Conrad Bloom left him wary of participating in TV projects.

"There is still a stigma attached to television," says Feuerstein. "There's something about movies... the cachet, the history and the ability to watch an entire story in one contained hour and a half that makes movies more elevated. There's something about the consumable [nature] of television, the way we chew it up and judge it and sit back and think sitcoms are not funny. [With] films there is a real attempt at telling a story and either it flops or it's great, but that risk is something I want to be a part of.

"It helps the longevity of a career to be in movies," he adds. "With TV, people identify you with that character and that show and can't watch you in anything else."