The taping of tonight's 6th Annual Blockbuster Entertainment Awards should have included a special category for singer Marc Anthony ? Best Post-Award Secret Plans.

Last May, the pop star showed up at the ceremony at L.A.'s Shrine Auditorium hand-in-hand with girlfriend Dayanara Torres but kept secret his plans to marry the former Miss Universe later that same night. Right after performing his hit song You Sang to Me for the cameras, he popped the question and zipped Torres off to Las Vegas for a quickie ceremony. Dressed in their awards duds, the groom sported a long black coat and the bride wore a skimpy ensemble that included a champagne colored embroidered top and a long black skirt with matching trim at the waist.

Meanwhile, back at the Blockbuster Awards, L.L. Cool J seemed genuinely touched by his award for Favorite Supporting Actor in an Action Film. "What I have here is my first award ever as an actor. So it's a very special day for me." The rapper/actor said his favorite role these days is that of real-life dad. "My wife is pregnant, so I guess my goals at the end of the day would be to be able to leave something for my kids and their kids and their kids."

Reese Witherspoon, wife of actor Ryan Phillippe and recipient of a Blockbuster Award for Favorite Supporting Actress in a Drama, also waxed poetic on the joys of parenting. "Being so young and being a mother, it's been a wonderful experience for me. It just makes your life so much more simple. First thing in the morning, like 7AM, I wake and feed her. And it's just me and my baby, alone, and it's really sort of meditative."

Not that Witherspoon's giving up on her show biz career: "I've been asked to come back and guest on Friends again. Which is great. I had such a fun time because I knew Jennifer [Aniston] socially and she's such a great girl and so nice. I was so nervous the whole two weeks I was there and the cast was just so accommodating." The Blockbuster Awards air tonight at 8 p.m. on Fox.