Rico Rodriguez Rico Rodriguez

When Modern Family returns to ABC on September 22 for its second season little Manny (Rico Rodriguez) will be front and center. Executive producers Christopher Lloyd and Steve Levitan tell TV Guide Magazine he'll go on his first date—his first on-screen date, that is.

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And it wouldn't be Modern Family without some high jinks from Phil and the Dunphy family. "There's one [episode] where there's a chirping smoke alarm and he can't figure out which one is having the battery go wrong and it eventually drives him crazy, among other things," says Ty Burrell, who's currently shooting Episode 4. "This week's episode Phil's trying to help Jay [Ed O'Neill] fix a computer, which makes him so happy since Jay is basically the real man."

In other Dunphy news, "Hayley breaks up with Dylan but it's tougher on Phil than it is on Hayley so he continues seeing Dylan behind Hayley's back," teases Lloyd.

Nothing, however, prepares Phil for this: "The Dunphy kids walk in on their parents having sex," says Levitan. "Hey, it happens." Can you say awkward?

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