MTV has backed down to the Material Girl. The music network has decided not to fiddle with Madonna's video for her new single, "Music", which debuts on MTV and VH1 today (4 pm/ET). Last week, word leaked out that MTV felt portions of the video objectified the female dancers because their heads were not shown while they danced. As a result, execs reportedly considered digitally obscuring areas of the screen during several parts of the video. "We're running it as everyone else is running it," an MTV rep tells TV Guide Online. "There weren't any changes." In speaking about the controversy, MTV president Van Toffler admitted to TV Guide Online that "Standards is a very tough thing. You've got to be in tune with the cultural barometer. If you look at teens and twentysomethings today, they've grown up with [Jerry] Springer and Sally Jessy Raphael and that stuff doesn't shock them. Thongs didn't exist 20 years ago and now there are songs about thongs. The barometer about talking to young people about sex has moved pretty far."