Madonna is once again at odds with MTV over a controversial video. The music network — which raised a ruckus when it cut racy scenes from the Material Girl's 1990 "Justify My Love" video — may be heading back to the editing room. Earlier this week, gossip columnist Liz Smith reported that MTV feels that portions of Madonna's video for her new single, "Music," objectifies the female dancers because their heads were not shown while they danced. Consequently, the network plans to digitally obscure areas of the screen during several parts of the video. However, MTV chief

Van Toffler tells TV Guide Online that a final decision has not been made. "Madonna submitted a video to us and we're taking a look at it," he says. "But we haven't asked her to make changes to date." Are there plans to? "I don't know. I'm not being cagey. Madonna has an interesting way of getting stuff out there to get what she wants. Have you noticed that?" A final verdict will have to be reached soon; the video debuts Aug. 2.