Mad Men Mad Men

On Sunday's Mad Men, two of the show's strongest female characters decided what they were worth — in two very different ways.

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Let's start with the sadder (and perhaps less believable) of the two story lines. Joan (Christina Hendricks) has always been the "dynamite redhead" with whom many an adman and client would kill to spend a night. As such, Herb, the head of the dealers association, who perhaps senses Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce's desperation to win the Jaguar account, demands Joan's sexual services as a way to persuade him to vote SCDP's way. But that could never happen, right?

Ever the weasel, Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) broaches the subject with Joan, who calmly retorts that Herb (and by extension, the partners at SCDP) couldn't afford her services. But that doesn't stop Pete, Lane (Jared Harris), Bert (Robert Morse) and Roger (John Slattery), who, despite Don's protestations, agree to offer Joan $50,000 (four times her salary) for the favor. Of course, Lane doesn't need anyone nosing around in the books for that $50,000, so he slyly suggests that Joan ask for a partnership in the company. She does so, and the date is set.

When Don (Jon Hamm) learns of his partners' behavior, however, he rushes to Joan to tell her it's not worth it. (Plus: With Don finally beginning to climb back into the ring to fight, he probably wants to win the account based on the work, not some perverse sexual favor.) Although Joan is happy to learn that Don didn't support the company's pimping of Joan, we eventually learn that Don is too late. She and Herb have already sealed the deal, and the next morning, Joan is on hand for a meeting of the partners to celebrate the landing the agency's first car.

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