Mad Men Mad Men

AMC's Mad Men has been a fan favorite and critical darling over its four seasons, and now the show's appeal is reaching into academia. Northwestern University offered a history seminar in the fall titled "Consumerism and Social Change in Mad Men America, 1960-65," while University of California Berkeley will continue its Men-inspired English course this spring.

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner tells TV Guide Magazine that he relishes the thought of using his show as a tool for higher education. "I'm thrilled that it's being taken so seriously, but I have to admit I'm surprised. I love that people get to talk about what it means to them and try to substantiate it intellectually," Weiner says, adding that if he were to teach a Mad Men course, he would take a more literary approach. "I'd focus on Don, and I would look at the themes that bubble up to the top, which we put in there deliberately."

As for how those themes will carry into Season 5, Weiner won't say, but reveals he's "excited to see the repercussions of Don coming to terms with who he is and to see what happens with Betty, Henry and Peggy. They're my people, and I'm curious about what will happen to them."

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