Mad Love, Judy Greer Mad Love, Judy Greer

CBS's new romantic comedy, Mad Love, lost cast member Lizzy Caplan before the series was picked up, but executive producer Matt Tarses says her replacement, Judy Greer, is a much better fit.

Caplan signed on for a role in the pilot. Due to her commitments on the since-canceled Starz series Party Down, Caplan declined to join Mad Love as a series regular.

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"Lizzy Caplan did [the pilot] as a guest role for us; she was never going to do it for the series," Tarses said Friday at the Television Critics Association winter previews. "The part, to be honest, was a little more of a part that fits a Judy Greer-type character. Lizzy was great and hilarious, but had a much edgier thing than I wanted. To be honest, Judy coming in felt more like the character that I had written."

Greer is the go-to gal for playing the eager best friend. (See also: The Wedding Planner, 27 Dresses and 13 Going on 30.) Her Mad Love role is quite the same, but with a snarkier twist. 

"[The role] actually felt more natural to me than my more depressed characters," Greer says. "It's been more fun to have more of an attitude. The person I'm playing now, she's a little bit more honest and a little bit more snarky."

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Her character's on-screen best friend is played by Sarah Chalke (Scrubs), who finds love on top of the Empire State Building. Jason Biggs (American Pie) plays Chalke's love interest, who also has a sarcastic friend in Reaper's Tyler Labine.

While Biggs and Chalke are in love, Greer and Labine have more of a love-hate relationship. "There is this attraction that we'll play out over the course of the show," Tarses says of the latter coupling. "They kind of enjoy that combative thing they have and over time, hopefully, they'll come to realize it."

Mad Love premieres Monday, Feb. 21 at 8:30/7:30c on CBS.