Actress Mackenzie Phillips has yet another shocking revelation to make about her troubled past with famous rocker dad Papa John!

"My father taught me how to shoot up," reveals the 40-year-old actress on tonight's A&E Biography (8 pm/ET). "I remember he had his half-glasses on the edge of his nose and he's looking down at my arm with the needle. That was the first person that ever shot me up."

Phillips, who rose to fame as a teen actress on the 1970s sitcom One Day at a Time, has made no secret of her bizarre childhood and past substance abuse problems on TV bio-shows ranging from the E! True Hollywood Story to Lifetime's Intimate Portrait. But somehow there always seems to be a new skeleton coming out of the star's walk-in closet.

Growing up in the wild Bel Air mansion of Mamas & the Papas founder Papa John, Mackenzie was experimenting with acid before her teen years and by age 15 had developed a $1,000-a-day cocaine habit. It took years of recovery before she eventually bounced back and landed her current starring role on the Disney Channel's So Weird.

"I never met anybody who had so many lives and survived it," says her former stepmother, actress Michelle Phillips. "She kind of had to overcome her family, and she finally did."