Regina Mayer and her jumping cow Regina Mayer and her jumping cow

This cow doesn't jump over the moon, but she does jump hurdles.

Denied a horse by her parents, German teenager Regina Mayer remained undaunted and trained a cow named Luna to jump.

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"She thinks she's a horse," Mayer, 15, told The Associated Press

.Mayer started training Luna shortly after the cow's birth two years ago, starting with walks in the woods during which Luna wore a halter. After extensive training that involves grooming, petting, daily one-hour rides and rewards with treats, Luna can now jump over beer crates and painted logs. She can also respond to the commands "go," ''stand" and "gallop" — if she feels like it.

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Mayer calls Luna her "darling," but Luna's fellow bovines don't feel the same affection. "Cows don't really like her," Mayer said. "They're jealous because she always gets goodies." And horses? They either run away or join in for the ride."She really enjoys that and gets totally into it," Mayer said.Watch Luna jump: