Drew Barrymore's no longer dating Luke Wilson but the actress-producer still managed to carve out a role for her ex-boyfriend in her upcoming

Charlie's Angels flick.

"It's just a smaller, kind of comedic part," says Wilson, who'll play the naive boyfriend of Angel Cameron Diaz in the upcoming big-budget action pic.

Wilson tells TV Guide Online he's remained close with loopy Barrymore, who's now dating MTV weirdo Tom Green. "Drew was one of the few times I've been in love and been committed to somebody," he admits.

The Charlie's Angels set has been fraught with tales of trauma and turmoil ? including talk of a big blowout fight between two of the film's stars, Lucy Liu and Bill Murray ? but Wilson says he was too concerned with issues of his own to notice.

"I only heard about the fight," he says. "I just kind of kept my head low on that. Please, I had my own problems, one being working for Drew, my ex-old lady, who was also my boss. It was a little strange, but Drew and I get along great."

Wilson, who's now starring in the black comedy Committed as Heather Graham's not-so-dedicated husband, says he doesn't have much in common with his character's infidelity troubles. "I haven't been in that many relationships," he says. "But if you really love somebody, it's never even really a question."