Luke Perry, out promoting Hallmark Channel's
A Gunfighter's Pledge (premiering Saturday at 9 pm/ET), stopped by on Thursday to shoot an on-camera Q&A with me. In addition to covering his turn as an Old West lawman, we of course talked about the new

90210 being put together by the CW. "It's that 90210 time of year," Luke joked on our walk into the video studio. Earlier this week, Perry went on record as saying he won't be reprising his role of Dylan for 90210. In this video, he goes into some detail as to why not, explaining that the CW revisiting his former series is not the same as Aaron Spelling himself doing it. I also asked Luke for his take on the report that Shannen Doherty is open to an encore, as Brenda. Did that news surprise him? "Nope, nope," he said. "I think if Shannen wants to work, that's a good a place for her." Watch the complete interview below. - Matt Mitovich
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