Although no official date has been announced for Daredevil's second season on Netflix, the show has kept a steady stream of teasers coming to whet our appetites. And thanks to the latest clip, there's some speculation that Daredevil may be joined by another of his superhuman homies.

Collider notes that a 15-second video popped up on the Daredevil Twitter account today, first showing a neon sign for Josie's, and then, a new neon sign that reads "Luke's." "Welcome to Hell's Kitchen. Pick your poison," the post said.

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Of course, Josie's is the bar where Foggy, Karen and Nelson knocked back more than a few in Daredevil's first season. But with the first season of Luke Cage in production and Cage expected to make his debut on the highly anticipated Jessica Jones on Friday, could this video be a crumb of cross-pollination to come?

What do you think: Is this teaser a hint of future cameos to come, or is it just a red herring?

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