Had a bad day, indeed. Last week, photos surfaced of American Idol wannabe Antonella Barba in various states of undress, wearing only her cupped hands or rose petals or a wet T-shirt. Then over the weekend, racier fare bubbled to the surface of the Internet, photos that purport to show Barbra engaged in a sex act. Yet Amanda Coluccio, who auditioned for Idol alongside Barba (but got booted in Hollywood), says the X-rated pics are not of her friend.

"I've studied them," she tells the Newark Star-Ledger, echoing some/many of us, "and it's not her nose." As further evidence, Coluccio says her gal pal "has never had [acrylic nail] tips" like the woman in the photo. "She's the least slutty person I know." So Amanda's least slutty friend does the rose petals/hands/wet T-shirt things? I wanna party with her.

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