Prior to landing her gig as the host of the new TV game show Lover or Loser, Meredyth Hunt was busy building a reputation as one of the worst bartenders in Hollywood.

The relative newcomer to showbiz recalls one particular catering job in which she nearly torched a posh Malibu home. It all started when she was operating an outside bar and decided to place a votive candle on top of a pile of napkins to keep them from blowing all over the yard.

"I went away for a few minutes and came back and my bar was on fire," she recalls. "I didn't douse it with the vodka, thank God, but I got it put out and I figured after that I just wasn't a bartender at heart."

Lover or Loser, which debuts Aug. 21 on both USA Network (5:30 pm/ET) and in national syndication, will feature two single male contestants who are evaluated by a studio audience of 100 single women. The chosen "Lover" gets to go out on a date with one of the women. The daily show will also occasionally feature two single women vying for a date with one of 100 single men.

Hunt, who came to Hollywood to pursue an acting career, seems happy for now to be playing ringmaster to TV's latest circus. "It's so much fun to do that I'm thrilled to do it, even though it's not technically acting and it's not a big movie with Harrison Ford," she says. "It's a great entrée into Hollywood. I'm going to turn that down? No way!"