<EM>So You Think You Can Dance</EM> So You Think You Can Dance

I love shows with fancy footwork, but I guess it shouldn't surprise me that a show with a title this cumbersome had such a long, drawn-out premiere episode. This intro ep was almost identical to the annoying American Idol audition process that I only suffer through to get a sneak peek and to pick my early favorites. But instead of damaging my hearing, my head is spinning from the dizzying clip packages of people shaking it all about. After the fun charm of Dancing with the Stars, I was hoping for something a little more in that vein and a little less of an Idol clone. But the only thing that this show has in common with Stars is that Carrie Anne Inaba has appeared on both. Plus, I don't think it helped that it was two whole hours of auditions and there are more next week. I liked what Rock Star: INXS did when they just jump-started viewers in after the whole process of seeing untalented people off the street had ended. I just don't know if I have the patience to suffer through another round of auditions. Especially since Nigel Lythgoe the Simon wannabe, who conveniently is a producer of Idol all but admitted they weren't looking for the most talented dancer in the country. Sure, the Idol folks are casting based on personality as well as ability, but at least they keep up the pretense of looking for the best singer in the country. And I did learn that if you want to impress Nigel and earn a free pass to the next level, you've just got to be pretty, blondish, dance to a Britney Spears tune preferably "Toxic" and it doesn't hurt if you are blessed with a couple extra assets, original or manmade. However, if you are male, dancing with another guy, and using a water bottle as an impromptu shower, a magic-of-Britney melody will not be able to help you. OK, I did laugh out loud when host Lauren mistook Lisa's future husband for her father. Promise me more unintentionally funny moments like that and I could be swayed into becoming a fan of this show.