Tiffany "New York" Pollard, <EM>I Love New York</EM> Tiffany "New York" Pollard, I Love New York
Flavor Flav broke her heart twice, but sassy New York's back and she's looking for true love. She started with 20 guys vying for her affection, but it's down to five. Tonight, the heat is turned up on
I Love New York (9 pm/ET, on VH1)

when Tiffany "New York" Pollard and her mom meet with the guys' exes to dig up dirt on their pasts.

TV Guide: So, are you still friendly with Flavor Flav?
Tiffany "New York" Pollard: There's no love lost. There's definitely a different type of friendship now. If I see him, I say, "Hey, what's up?" but it's just a light and airy friendship now. Nothing tight.

TV Guide: 'Cause I really felt bad for you during the second-season finale of Flavor of Love.
New York:
Yeah, a lot of people felt bad for me, because he left me for a second time. I felt bad for me, you know, but I can definitely stand here today and say I'm over that. I'm over it.

TV Guide: So you had to heal your broken heart?
New York: [Sighs] Yeah, basically.

TV Guide: What made you say yes to your own dating show?
New York: It was the producers of Flavor and VH1, they kind of just knew I was so heartbroken to go through that again a second time on national television and basically get my heart stomped on.

TV Guide: How'd your mother get involved?
New York: I needed her. I couldn't do it without her because she knew that Flav was no good for me and I didn't listen to her twice. So, I was like, if I get myself in deep with 20 different guys, I need my mom to be there and help me out with this.

TV Guide: Some people think that you're a diva.
New York: If a diva is a woman that has an idea of where she wants to go in life, is overly confident, wears too much makeup, wears too many high heels and short skirts, then yes, I'm a diva.

TV Guide: You told your mom that you wanted a "dangerous thug." Is that true?
New York: [Laughs] We all have our fantasies. I gravitate toward the stronger type of man, a thug, if you will. Yeah, I like thugs, I'm not gonna lie.

TV Guide: Did you find love on the show?
New York: I sure did. I'm so happy. I am in love. Found it! It's working and it just feels so good. This is everything I've been waiting for.

TV Guide: Does your mother approve of him?
New York: Let's just say... Mom, she'll get over it. She'll be all right. [Laughs]

TV Guide: Are there wedding bells in the future?
New York: I just turned 25. I'll keep that option open. But as of right now, there are no wedding bells.

TV Guide: 'Cause that would make a great show.
New York: [Laughs] OK — then I'll get married!

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