Louis C.K., Marc Maron Louis C.K., Marc Maron

With the anticipated return of Louie still eight months away, we're getting antsy without our Louis C.K. fix. Thankfully, the actor took time to share details about the FX show's anticipated fourth season and explain the reason behind the extended hiatus at New York's PaleyFest on Thursday.

"It was for the good of the show. I didn't want to start making the show with diminishing returns," C.K. said. The show returns in May 2014; they've already started shooting for the new season.

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"I feel a huge amount of energy to do it," C.K. said. "You get smarter every year, so I'm a smarter person than I was when I was making [Season 3]."

The extended hiatus has also allowed C.K. to write much more complicated episodes, though not every one will feature Louie's more philosophical side. "There are some episodes that are just like, let's really get some basic laughs. That was fun to go back to that. Then there are some stories that are just going to piss you off," he said.

Season 4 will feature several multi-episode arcs, including one that's been a longstanding dream for the comedian. "This year there's one story I'm telling that's two parts that I've thought about for, like, five years and it was going to be a movie," C.K. said, adding that both Season 2's "Duckling" and Season 1's "God" were also originally conceived as films. 

"God" as a movie? Do tell. "That was going to be a thing where this Jesus becomes kind of a Frankenstein and starts choking everybody. And everybody's like, 'Who is that guy?' It's the same argument they had when he was around the first time. 'Is that Jesus? No it's a fake!' And then all the Jesus icons in the world would come to life and become monsters and the little ones would get in your bloodstreams. It was crazy," C.K. said. 

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Although the comedian is proud of his work, he understands that it's not for everybody. "I don't think a big network should be influenced by what I do or by anyone in the cable networks because 20 million people don't want to see this sh--. This is for a few people. A few of us to get together and enjoy a tub of diarrhea," Louis said, referring to one of the more memorable scenes in the Season 3 episode "Barney/Never." "It's a perfectly placed show."

Are you excited for more Louie?