Josh Holloway as <EM>Lost</EM>'s Sawyer Josh Holloway as Lost's Sawyer
Our favorite castaways thus far have been on the island a few months, but for Lost

fans, it's been more than 260 days since Jack's super-freaky flash-forward. As the Jan. 31 season premiere (finally) draws closer, is offering daily profiles — "refreshers," if you will — of the key players in ABC's island-based odyssey. 

Sawyer, by the "Numbers": Although Sawyer (played by Josh Holloway) tries to act like a ruthless bad boy, the truth is that his lone-wolf attitude hides deep emotional scars. Born James Ford, his life was shattered at a young age when his mother was seduced by a con man who cheated her out of the family's savings, and his father then killed her and himself in a fit of rage. All James knows about the con man is the alias he used — Mr. Sawyer — but he vows to hunt him down one day. In a strange turn of events, James Ford becomes a con artist himself, using his good looks to gain the trust of gullible women, and in an apparent act of self-hatred he even creates a new identity for himself by taking the name Sawyer. But he stills shows occasional glimmers of humanity: When his former lover Cassidy visits him in prison and tells him that she's given birth to their daughter, Clementine, Sawyer angrily replies that he has no intention of being a father but later sets up a sizable bank account to provide for Clementine's future.

Just before the crash, Sawyer is informed that the con man who ruined his life is living in Australia under the name Frank Duckett. Sawyer shoots and kills him but realizes from Duckett's dying words that he has only been manipulated into killing an innocent man who owed another con artist money. Once again Sawyer has been robbed of his innocence by those who would use him as a pawn for their own gain.

Things Got Interesting When...: Soon after crashing on the island, Sawyer starts hoarding items found in the plane wreckage and is reluctant to let anyone else use his stash. Sawyer's "finders keepers" attitude strikes the other survivors as needlessly greedy, and he's tortured by Sayid when he refuses to hand over Shannon's inhalers after she has an asthma attack. (It turns out that he never had them in the first place.) Sawyer continues to be a loner among the survivors, rarely risking his own life for the sake of the community.

'Tis Better to Have Loved and Gotten Lost?: Sawyer is caught in a love triangle with Kate Austen and Jack Shephard, as Kate keeps going back and forth between bad boy Sawyer and responsible leader Jack. While it's still not clear whom Kate's heart has settled on, Sawyer has definitely gotten closer to her: The two made love while imprisoned by the Others, as Jack jealously watched via a security camera.

Six Degrees of Serialization: While in Australia, Sawyer meets Christian Shephard, Jack's father, at a bar, and Christian inadvertently encourages him to go through with his murder of Frank Duckett. Kate befriends Cassidy during her time on the run. And in one of Boone's flashbacks, Sawyer is seen in the background being arrested by the Australian police after getting into a bar fight.

His Season 3 Story: It's finally revealed that the con man who destroyed Sawyer's family was Anthony Cooper, Locke's biological father. The Others tell Locke to kill Cooper and prove himself worthy, but he instead gets Sawyer to do the deed by revealing the truth about Cooper's past. Sawyer strangles Cooper to death, but later falls into a deep depression. He regains his sense of purpose in the finale when he offers to rescue Sayid, Jin and Bernard, who are being held at gunpoint by a group of Others. With Hurley's help, he and Juliet are able to overpower them, and a vengeful Sawyer murders one of the Others in cold blood as payback for kidnapping Walt.

How Sawyer Has Us Puzzled: So why did he lead that rescue mission at the beach? Was it a noble act or just a way to show Kate that he can be as selfless as Jack? And is there any truth to Kate's suspicion that she might be pregnant with his child?

Our Wild Prediction: Thanks to the plane crash being national news, Sawyer is now too famous to work successfully as a con artist. With a pregnant Kate now his wife, Sawyer decides to turn his life around and prove that he too can be a reliable guy. He gets an office job but quickly gets in trouble when everyone starts complaining about his offensive nicknames.

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