Darn it. I had finally stopped saying, "Have a cluckety-cluck-cluck day," and now it is back in my head again, thanks to the reairing of "Hurley Reyes' Day Off" episode. Though I did catch a number clue this time around that I had missed the first time Hurley's manager wanted to charge him for eating an eight-piece dark-meat-chicken combo. Again, the numbers still don't make sense to me but they are interesting to keep track of. Also, I think I now see where Hurley gets his quirky sense of humor from: his mom. I don't know if she meant to be funny when she said "falling down is not exercise. The only time you move is to lift the drumstick from the bucket." But it made me laugh  that and the "maybe Jesus will bring you a car if you pray" comment. She's a hoot. And I couldn't help but think of Hurley's words from last week's tailie/frontie reunion about his shock at Bernard being white when Michael and Co. were introduced to the missing hubby on the other side of the island. Meanwhile, Rose is talking about how he's still alive and saving candy for him. I'm so glad that her seemingly blind devotion actually paid off. Angel Cohn

How could the castaways have survived their plane crash? Find out.