Lost Damn. I feel like I was just the victim of a long con. For once, all the twists and turns led someplace within the hour, and I admit, that made this an unusually satisfying episode. (Yeah, I'm always the one defending

Lost's lack of neat and tidy answers.) I spent most of the episode counting the ways in which Locke is really the bad guy. He was even the one who suggested that Jack take Sawyer's meds away. Sawyer said making Locke angry enough to hit you is like "getting Gandhi to beat his kids," but that evenheaded demeanor suddenly seems more sinister than philosophical. He sure did act fishy when Jack wanted the combo to the gun room. Then it was easy enough to suspect "El Jacko and Ana Lulu" (someone needs to make an online Sawyer name generator) of orchestrating the Sun incident to inspire fear and get more recruits. But I don't think either one of them could harm someone on purpose. By the way, love that Ana Lucia joined in the Scott/Steve joke such a great wink to longtime fans. After all these months of Sawyer being an invalid, we kind of forgot that his self-serving ways could get more harmful than folksy nicknames and knowing winks. It was cute how the marked divorcée, Cassidy, saw straight through the same con Sawyer pulled on the blonde chick last season. And the few Matchstick Men scenes where she becomes his protégé in crime also made me forget the mean spirit of his business. But Josh Holloway has a brilliant way of keeping that dimpled grin on his face while his eyes go all cold and serpenty, and you can feel the chill from the couch. Still, when Sawyer came out brandishing a rifle while Locke and Jack were having their little tiff, I gasped audibly. In retrospect, we were being set up during the whole episode to learn that Sawyer just can't help his evil ways. That's a good thing, though; I like him better with a little extra sauce. But poor Kate. Betrayed and left out again. I hope she gets a chance to make her own power grab soon and stop being like the kid sister trying to join her big brother's club. PS - Many of you have written in to tell me that the waitress at the diner Sawyer went to was Kate's mom. Interesting stuff. That's why I keep you people around!