Finally, one of Lost's biggest mysteries has been revealed. After months of warnings from cocreators J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof that a major character on their hit ABC drama would be killed off — and rampant speculation from fans about who it would be — Boone (Ian Somerhalder), the rich boy with the creepy attachment to stepsister Shannon (Maggie Grace), died in the April 6 episode. Somerhalder's exit was necessary because "it kicks off the character conflicts that build all the way into the season finale," Lindelof says. "It had to be him." Here, in an emotional TV Guide interview, Somerhalder speaks out about his departure and — spoiler alert! — reveals that he might not be the only one biting the dust.
TV Guide: Did the producers ask you to keep Boone's demise a secret from the rest of the cast?
Ian Somerhalder:
No. They knew I wouldn't do that. These are my people, you know? There's no way in hell I wasn't gonna tell them. Foxy [Matthew Fox, who plays Jack] was the first phone call I made. Josh [Holloway, who plays Sawyer] was the second.