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Question: What's this I'm hearing about a major kiss in Lost's season finale?

Answer: More like a "spectacular kiss" Damon Lindelof's words, not mine. In the new issue of Lost magazine, DL teased, "Romance is always blooming on and off the island. And I hereby promise you one of the most spectacular kisses you've ever seen on the show in this year's finale." Naturally, I pressed DL's partner in crime, Carlton Cuse, for further details on the earth-shattering smooch, to which he replied, "I can disclose no more details other than to say it's one of my favorite moments of the whole series so far. And contrary to some speculation, it is a male/female kiss." OK, so it's not Mr. Friendly and his little Rent Boy. Who does that leave? Oh, right: Pretty much every other couple on the frakkin' show! Damn you, Team Darlton!