When she's not on location shooting a film or in the recording studio making an album, Jennifer Lopez enjoys chilling with her homegirls. And what do they talk about? Well, men of course.

"When girls get in a room all they talk about is relationships," says the girlfriend of Sean "Puffy" Combs. "Just so you know guys, that's what we do all the time. You know that's it for us — guys, relationships, problems and stuff."

In fact, the booty-licious star of The Cell reveals that the tracks on her sophomore album, A Passionate Journey, due to hit stores in October, are inspired by those all-girl, bare-all share fests.

"I realized when I'm working and then when me and the girls get together, that's what we do," she says. "We complain about this, she tells me about her thing, I tell her about mine. The other one's happy because she got roses, whatever. So the album is going to be about girls talking and stuff like that."

Lopez says Journey is different and hopefully better than her critically hailed debut CD, On the Six. "It's going to be pop, R&B-based, with a Latin flavor to it," she hints. "That's who I am — that's the kind of music I make."