Pop star/actress Jennifer Lopez believes that a diva doesn't necessarily have to be a woman. Still, the Golden Globe-nominated Selena star says it's high time Webster's came up with a word for a male prima donna.

"[Diva] is definitely something that's associated with women, and I guess they should have a man's term for it," says Lopez, whose own rumored antics have led some to slap her with the diva label. "But, we can just use diva for them too."

For her part, Lopez — who next appears opposite Matthew McConaughey in the romantic comedy The Wedding Planner — explains that there are two very distinct types of divas. "A diva [can be] an icon whose had a long, prosperous career and has proven herself over and over," she says. "[Someone] who is a legend in her own time, like Tina Turner or Barbra Streisand. And then it's used in a negative way [to describe] somebody who's demanding and overbearing and obnoxious."

And which definition would Lopez use to describe herself? "Being that I'm at the beginning of my career, I can't be in the first category," she says, "and I'm not demanding or out of control, so I don't see myself as either."

Well, you can bet the tabloids will continue to paint a much different picture of Lopez. But unlike her main squeeze, Sean "Puffy" Combs, she does her best to ignore such gossip. "[Sean's] like, 'They wrote... ,' and I'm like, 'Don't worry,'" Lopez says. "Who cares?"