More importantly, last night's episode brought the funny in a big way. The "Jack" ads cracked me up, Philip Baker Hall's prom-queen metaphor was priceless, but the Joke of the Night award definitely went to foxy Mimi Rogers for "Hey, you're good at math. Want to see how many times 24 goes into 48?" Killer, Mimi, killer. I'm not forgetting our boy Sam, he had his share of zingers but I gotta say, a lot of what I liked about the character in the premiere didn't exactly register last night. At first Bret Harrison brought a sense of conflict to Sam, like he was straddling two worlds and trying to make it all work, but last night replaced that with mucho tequila-downing and egg-chugging. Not that I don't see the appeal of such behavior, mind you, but I think the show's gonna work a lot better if it walks the not-so-fine line between funny and goofy and doesn't just dump its characters off on a beach in Cabo with baby donkeys. Yeah, you read that right. Miscellaneous tidbits: Where the hell did the dog come from? And where did Marco go? Are Marco and the dog one and the same? Discuss.