Fox has revealed to its recipe for the third season of Hell's Kitchen, the reality competition in which a (non-baker's) dozen would-be restaurateurs endure host Gordon Ramsay's verbal flambés all in the name of emerging as the last chef cooking. This time around, the winner will be garnished with the title of head chef at the Terra Rossa Restaurant in the Green Valley Ranch Resort, Spa and Casino in Las Vegas, as well as the most savory $250,000 that comes with it. Without further adieu, here's your first look at who's on the menu:

" Aaron, age 48, a retirement home chef from Palos Verdes, California
" Brad, 25, a sous chef from Scottsdale, Arizona
" Eddie, 28, a grill cook from Atlanta, Georgia
" Josh, 26, a junior sous chef from Miami Beach, Florida
" Rock, 30, an executive chef from Spotsylvania, Virginia
" Vinnie, 29, a night club chef from Milltown, New Jersey
" Bonnie, 26, a nanny/personal chef from Los Angeles
" Jen, 26, a pastry chef from Hazelton, Pennsylvania
" Joanna, 22, a chef's assistant from Detroit, Michigan
" Julia, 28, a short-order cook from Atlanta
" Melissa, 29, a line cook from New York City
" Tiffany, 27, a kitchen manager from Scottsdale, Arizona

Ladies and gentlemen, start your dicing. Hell's Kitchen premieres June 4 at 9 pm/ET.