Kevin McKidd in Grey's Anatomy by Scott Garfield/ABC Kevin McKidd in Grey's Anatomy by Scott Garfield/ABC
Kevin McKidd winces slightly, the expression on his face suggesting either intense pain or exquisite pleasure. Suddenly,
Sandra Oh pops into view, rising up from below his waist. Hang on a sec. Cameras are rolling and although

Grey's Anatomy fans might think this is yet another display of inappropriate bedside manners, she's only tending to his leg wound. Still, the scene is so suggestive that the crew starts to titter. " Are ye takin' the pess outta me actin'?" McKidd asks, his Scottish brogue as thick as haggis. As if anyone could "take the pess outta" the brawny 35-year-old actor playing Owen Hunt, the newest addition to the hit show's duty roster of studs in scrubs. A military doctor, he's here to provide some manly yin to Sandra Oh's tightly wound Dr. Yang. The role will probably be the one to make him a household name. Last year, he received high marks as a time traveler in the short-lived Journeyman, which followed a raved-about performance as a "bad-ass centurion" in HBO's landmark series Rome. "I got to wear togas and open-toe sandals, swing swords and decapitate people," McKidd enthuses. "He's charismatic, sweet and sexy," gushes Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes. "And despite being Scottish, he felt right to play a U.S. military surgeon - a man of few words who would be the last person interested in the emotional and romantic goings-on in Seattle Grace." In the Grey's season premiere (Thursday, Sept. 25 at 9 pm/ET, ABC) McKidd is dashingly heroic: After getting injured in a car wreck during an ice storm, he performs a tracheotomy with a pen in an ambulance. (Yang finds this mighty impressive.) "Owen is a maverick," McKidd says. "He doesn't care about what people think or about being liked." McKidd, on the other hand, is very friendly, roaming the set and bonding with his colleagues. "It's weird joining a show like this," he admits. "The medical stuff can be pretty intimidating. I guess I thought if I am good with a sword, I'd be good with a scalpel." He can always get tips from Patrick Dempsey. Or, more likely, some amiable ribbing. "You don't eat porridge, do you?" Dempsey asks McKidd, a reference to his homeland. "As a matter of fact, I had some this morning," McKidd retorts. What makes him perfect for Grey's? Dempsey points to McKidd's forehead. "You have a facial scar, which is key to being on the show," he says with mock solemnity, noting his own faint forehead scar. "It's important to have one - it gives you an edge." Jokes aside, acting on a hit TV show is a dream come true for McKidd. Although he now lives in the Hollywood Hills with his wife, Jane, and their kids (Joseph, 8, and Iona, 6), it's a far cry from his upbringing in rural Elgin, Scotland. The son of a plumber and a secretary, he went to work in the nearby Glenfiddich distillery when he was still in his teens. "You became a fisherman, a farmer or worked in the distillery," he says. "I knew if I stayed any longer, I'd become a plumber like my dad." Instead, he moved to Edinburgh, joined a theater and won a role in Trainspotting. These days, when he's not on the Grey's set, McKidd says he can be found "loafing" or walking his three dogs, Rosie, Patch and Pip. Of course, in his bodacious accent, it comes out Rrrro-Say, Pitch and Pep. "I still have to practice my American accent," McKidd allows. "It's like karaoke [ kerr-ay-OH-kay]: It's really easy to do bad karaoke and just as easy to do a bad American accent." No keddin', but something tells us his will be flawless. - David A. Keeps Related:
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