8:10: Betty is more like "America the beautiful" in that gorgeous green frock. Aw, so sweet of you to say, Forest. Elizabeth I is opening the show here, but Jeremy Irons looks tired, and I'm snoozing during his speech. 8:19: McDreamy and Cristina take the stage to present Lead Actor in a TV Comedy. Love your dress, Sandra, but I'd rather see Dempsey in his scrubs. Congrats to Alec, really, but I'd like to give a special round of applause for all the foulmouthed insanity Jeremy Piven provides on Entourage. 8:22: Matthew Perry's hair looks as gelled as America's in that clip of Ugly Betty. And didn't Will & Grace end ages ago? Who cares, it's an Ugly night, and I'm impressed with America's composure.