1930s child star Dickie Moore has died at the age of 89, The Associated Press reports. Helaine Feldman, a senior staff member at Dick Moore & Associates Inc. confirmed the actor passed away Monday in Connecticut.

Moore was a member of Hal Roach's Our Gang troupe in the early '30s, and also appeared in Blonde Venus, Million Dollar Legs, Oliver Twist, A Dispatch from Reuter's, Sergeant York, The Story of Louis Pasteur and So Big. Moore even gave Shirley Temple her first onscreen kiss in Miss Annie Rooney in 1942.

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But as Moore grew up, his film career diminished. He went on to become a correspondent for Stars and Stripes during World War II and later established his own public relations firm in New York, Dick Moore & Associates Inc. In 1984, Moore wrote a book, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (But Don't Have Sex or Take the Car), that touches upon his personal experiences in the industry and also features interviews from other child stars, including Mickey Rooney, Natalie Wood and Temple.

Moore is survived by his wife Jane Powell, sister Pat Kingsley, son Kevin Moore and several grandchildren.