Lisa Ling Lisa Ling

TV journalist Lisa Ling's about to get OWN'd: She's got her own documentary series launching on the Oprah Winfrey Network early next year focusing on the American identity.

"At the end of January my new series on OWN will launch," Ling tells TV Guide Magazine. "It's called Our America. And it's a window into who we are as Americans." The former co-host of The View continued: "I'm excited because I grew up as a Chinese-American not really feeling like I fit in anywhere, and this is a look at who we are at our most inspiring and our most beautiful, but also our most challenging and darkest."

Ling, who's been a frequent correspondent for Winfrey's syndicated talk show, says she's looking forward to the debut of both her series and the entire network. "I've been working in the Oprah world for a long time, and I honestly feel so honored to be part of it because Oprah has always done everything with integrity," says Ling. "And that's been really, really important to her. I just appreciate that she's allowing me the opportunity, and I hope people respond to the programming on OWN, because while I think it's going be incredibly entertaining, I think it's going be impactful at the same time."

Ling will also continue to turn up on The Oprah Winfrey Show throughout its final season — just don't ask her when. "They call me last minute to do a lot of things, so honestly if I do [have appearances coming up] I don't know about them yet! But, yeah, I'll be on fairly regularly until the show ends."

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