Linda Fiorentino has the sarcasm thing down. Ask her what it was like working with Where the Money Is co-star

Paul Newman and she says, "Horrible. He's a miserable human being. He's dumb. He's ugly. I can't believe I did this film." OK. What was it really like? "What do you think it was like?"

The truth is, Fiorentino credits Newman with reviving her passion for acting. "When I first started making movies I was much more interested because I was still learning," she tells TV Guide Online. "After a while you start getting jaded and hate people in the business and you lose a little bit of the joy. For me, I lost some of the joy of work after becoming more recognizable. You start thinking of it as a job and not as a vocation, and [Newman] taught me to think of it as a vocation again. I watched Paul, who is so excited to be working, and I thought, 'I can't imagine caring that much at his age.' And he does. He really does care. It reignited an interest for me in making films."

On the other hand, Fiorentino says making Dogma was somewhat frustrating. "Kevin Smith works in a different way. He gave line readings. If someone tells me what to do I immediately think I'm bad and I don't know what I'm doing. I lose all security. It's not one of my better performances because of that."

Surprisingly, she would collaborate with Smith again. "I think he's a genius writer. He's young and I think he learned a lot. He started asking the actors questions. Up until that point, he hadn't worked with veteran actors who know their stuff." Hey ? didn't he work with Shannen Doherty in Mallrats?