Hamilton creator and recent Pulitzer Prize winner Lin-Manuel Miranda stopped by Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Sunday, where he delivered yet another history lesson (in rap form, of course). This time, Miranda - whose parents are Puerto Rican and who spent his childhood summers at his grandparents' home in Puerto Rico - tackled Puerto Rico's debt crisis.

"This is an island a hundred miles across / a hurricane is comin' and we're runnin' up a loss," the Hamilton star raps, begging Congress to grant "not a bailout, just relief" to the commonwealth, which is $72 billion in debt. (He even offers to perform Hamilton in Paul Ryan's house.)

In March, Miranda spoke before Congress in order to bring awareness to Puerto Rico's financial crisis, which has prompted delays in individual tax returns, as well as medicinal rations and hospital closings - even amid the spread of the Zika virus.

Watch Miranda's impassioned plea in the video above, beginning around 19:00.