Go into the light, Danny. All are welcome! All are welcome! Yup, Poltergeist's Jobeth Williams played the mysterious lady friend of Danny's late father. In a turn of events that shocked absolutely no one, she and Rachael Leigh Cook ended up being mother-daughter grifters, trying to trick our man out of 100,000 bucks. Even though on the surface Danny seems hot and clueless, that's all an act (well, except the hot part). He caught the thieves before they could hightail it out of town. Then we were treated to one of those awkward scenes where Penny Posin was like (I'm paraphrasing here), "I really, really like you. It just started out as a scheme but once I really, really saw you and once I really, really slept with you, I changed my mind. I realized that the money meant nothing because I was like really, really into you. Seriously. It was better than Cats. Forgive me." And then Cook made her grand exit. It was a touching scene. I almost cried. That is, until I started bumping and grinding to a Rihanna tune. Be thankful you weren't witness to this. Seriously. It also turned out that Sam's bro, who on the surface seemed like a doofus, really was a doofus. He fell for Monica, which was a big mistake 'cause the woman clearly doesn't have what we normal folks call a heart. Meanwhile, Ed saddled up to the OK Corral to take on Nina (you know, the traitor girl from 24. Except her name is Olivia Duchey here. I don't care; to me, she's Nina). Anyway, Nina's annoying everyone in sight with her incessant bean counting. Ed won't have it. Monica will have it. And Ed quits. Oh, the simplicity of it all. See y'all in sweeps!