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Leslie Knope's Pawnee City Council campaign lands in the gutter tonight on Parks and Recreation when she stages a meet-and-greet that turns into a giant alley-oops (8:30/7:30c, NBC). "She does a focus group and there is this one guy who's like, 'I don't know, I just don't like her...she doesn't seem like the person I wanna go bowling with,'" explains star Amy Poehler. "So Leslie, in her usual bulldog way, loses sight of the big picture and spends the whole episode trying to get this one guy to like her. She hosts this bowling event and casually invites the guy in hopes of getting his vote."

Of course, being pretty much awesome, Leslie has quite the arm, but must hide her abilities in order to keep her naysayer from disliking her even more. "Oh, she's excellent," says Poehler, adding that she even picked up a few pointers from her alter ego. "By the end of [filming], I was getting much, much better."

In the next lane over, attempts by Ron, Ann and Tom to take down some pins deteriorate into a "psychodrama," says executive producer Mike Schur. "Tom comes decked out in superfancy Tom Haverford—style bowling clothes. He has a leather jacket with a scorpion on the back and an Entertainment 720 bowling ball." However, it turns out the doofus has actually got some mad skills...despite his maddening technique. "Tom bowls between his legs like a toddler and Ron is humiliated for him," says Schur. "But he starts to beat Ron, and Ron gets really upset about it."

So is this a lucky strike for the Pawnee posse? Well, we can't tell you whether Leslie wins over her hater, but Poehler does admit that "there's kissing and punching in this episode. Kissing, punching and bowling. It's like the perfect Thursday night." We're game!

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