<EM>So You Think You Can Dance</EM> So You Think You Can Dance

If Lauren Sanchez says "dancing into America's hearts" one more time, may what's left of that nose dance right off her face! Anyway, so long, Sandra and Jonnis, two of the cutest dancers in the bunch, who nonetheless couldn't really stretch beyond their own styles. And OK, I apologize for dismissing the term "lyrical" last week maybe to avoid confusing the ticket-buying public, it's been called simply "modern" every time I've seen this ballet-jazz-modern fusion in concert. It is more pop than high art, but the genre is pretty easy to respect when it comes in the form of Mia's choreography for Blake, Destini, Artem and Ashlé. How lucky are Blake and Destini? Though something tells me those two would have been well-trained enough to tackle something other than their specialty two weeks in a row. And how unlucky are Jamile, Snow, Michelle and Nick? Quickstep looks like the worst possible dance to learn from scratch in a week the form is rigid, unforgiving and can't be covered by fancy turns or sexy moves, and it's no surprise all four of those dancers ended up in the bottom six. Ryan and Melissa were almost worse off for having Latin choreographer Alex two weeks in a row; he saw how well they did with the mambo, so he expected even more from their salsa. Melissa delivered, and though Ryan put more effort into his Pokemon hair than his footwork, he kept up with her. Love how the practice clips made it look like Allan and Kamilah would never get their hip-hop routine just right, and then they blew everyone away on stage. I blame Craig for his and Melody's spot at the bottom. He's got some weird way of moving his shoulders that just doesn't translate to the tough-guy act of hip-hop; on the other hand, she positively sizzled. Craig's shoulder thing was all the more obvious in his solo (and not just because he was showing off that hot torso), and it made Nick's solo, by contrast, look effortless and gorgeous. I sure hope America's hearts agree.