Curb Your Enthusiasm - Larry David Curb Your Enthusiasm - Larry David

The chances for an eighth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm are looking pretty, pretty, pretty good.

"I'm leaning towards it, so I would say there's a good chance," series creator and star Larry David told at the Paley Festival Sunday night. Inside the event, David clarified an eighth season of his HBO comedy is "not definite yet, but we're working on it."

TV Guide Network won't edit Curb Your Enthusiasm for time

While fans wait for a final answer on the future of Curb, they can prepare for the show's upcoming basic-cable debut on TV Guide Network in June.The decade-long series' seventh season marked the first reunion of the cast of Seinfeld and the season finale brought in Curb's best ratings in five years.

Bob Einstein — who has played Marty Funkhouser for the past three seasons — says the show's most recent season helped reinvigorate the series. "I thought that this year was a real upper," he said. "It brought a lot of excitement back to everything and I think it would kind of sad and stupid to stop now. There's no reason to."

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