The Perfect Storm's Diane Lane says she had a good laugh preparing for her steamy love scene with co-star

Mark Wahlberg.

"We got together the night before and had a cup of coffee, Mark and I, and just really got a sense of each other's sense of humor in a way, because that's really the best way to get to know someone," the actress tells TV Guide Online. "That's the most vital aspect that you need in a love scene. So that you don't wind up offending the other person because of your insecurities and your need for humor and vice versa."

Lane admits it was awkward performing the love scene in front of the crew but says that she and her hunky co-star managed to keep their focus. "It's like jumping out of an airplane and holding hands," she says. "You just do it together."

Lane, who plays The Perfect Storm's no-nonsense Christina Cotter, says she prepared for the blue-collar role by tossing back a few with her male castmates after work hours at the local bar. "I loved this cast and just being able to be with them was fun, and I felt that it was all part of the homework and part of my per diem to be in the bar," she says.