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No Lana. No Martha. No fine Professor Fine. But plenty of them Duke boys. Just when Bo Duke says something about Clark "hightailing it back to Metropolis," up comes Luke Duke speeding around the bend in a blue Dodge Charger. Not exactly the General Lee but close enough. Luke's a senator in this Smallville universe and wouldn't you know it, he's landed smack dab in the middle of a scandal involving a dead stripper he'd been sleeping with. And just when the veteran politician is running for reelection against the dastardly Lex Luthor. Jonathan and Clark think Lex is behind setting Luke up, but he does a nice job of deflecting blame, letting it slip that some Sheriff Roscoe was behind the whole thing. OK, that didn't happen. But I really, really wanted it to happen. Instead, Clark tries to clear Luke's sinking reputation. How, you ask? By going to his hero's frequent hangout the Boar's Nest. OK, not really. But if TPTB can load the show with a plethora of Dukes references, I can do the same thing with this column. Clark ends up at a private gentlemen's club in Metropolis. Lois and Chloe turn all Cagney and Lacey to solve the crime and also end up at said gentlemen's club. That's where Lois turns stripperella and runs into some rich Euro dude with evil schemes on his mind and diplomatic immunity to fall back on; but not before giving Clark what appears to be his first lap dance. Then what happens at the end of every episode? Say it with me, class: Clark saves the day. Bo then forgives his friend Luke for being all dirty-politician guy, and Luke thinks Bo should run for the Senate. Yee haw!