Lady Gaga, Susan Boyle Lady Gaga, Susan Boyle

Could a Lady Gaga-Susan Boyle collaboration happen in the near future?

"Never say never," Gaga recently told The Sun. Though the pop star admits their styles are "different," Gaga said "it would be great to work with somebody of that talent."

Susan Boyle special breaks TV Guide Network ratings records

The 23-year-old Grammy-nominated singer, known for her eccentric fashions and far-out performances, has had several hits including "Poker Face," "Paparazzi" and, most recently, "Bad Romance."

Gaga expressed her admiration of the overnight sensation, calling her "my woman of the year."

"This time last year nobody even knew who she was and now she is knocking the world's most established artists off the album and singles charts," Gaga said. "She has achieved more in this year than most artists will in a lifetime."

Boyle broke U.K. album chart records in November, selling more than 410,000 copies of her debut album in its first week.

Are you hoping for a Gaga-Boyle collaboration?