Kristen Bell Kristen Bell

Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas has worked his Rolodex hard, tapping several former residents of Neptune — Kristen Bell included — to Party Down on his new Starz comedy series about Los Angeles caterers.

"I couldn't be any more excited about working with Kristen again," says Thomas. "Her role in Party Down is the first that we've written for a specific actor."

Apparently it's a delicious role at that. Bell will play Uda Bengt, a former Party Down caterer who now ruthlessly lords over a rival company. Says Thomas, "Too often women and guest stars get stuck playing the straight man [but] in Uda, I think [writer-exec producer] John [Enbom] created a character worthy of Kristen's significant comedic talents."

Party Down premieres March 20 on Starz, and Bell appears in the May 22 season finale.

The series' regular cast includes Veronica Mars alumni Ken Marino and Ryan Hansen, Jane Lynch (The 40-Year-Old Virgin) and Lizzy Caplan (True Blood). Mars fans can also expect to spy Enrico Colantoni, Jason Dohring and Alona Tal as guest stars.

Next up for Thomas? Awaiting word on what could be his and Bell's next project — a Veronica Mars feature film, the script for which he is about to pitch to Warner Bros.