Kitchen Nightmares Kitchen Nightmares

Shape up, restaurant owners, or Gordon Ramsay may just send you to your room.

On Friday's two-hour edition of Kitchen Nightmares (8/7c, Fox), Chef Ramsay visits Zayna Flaming Grill in Redonodo Beach, Calif. Unsurprisingly, the Mediterranean-inspired fare is sorely lacking, but that's not the only problem. Chef Fay butts heads with her niece Brenda — who runs the business side of the operation — over just about everything.

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It seems the culprit is Fay, who has major trust and micromanagement issues. Check out Chef Ramsay's solution in the exclusive sneak peek below:

Aww, that just makes us feel all shawarma and fuzzy inside!

Kitchen Nightmares airs Fridays at 8/7c on Fox. (P.S. Did you miss the show's return to Amy's Baking Company? Check out that trainwreck here).