For the quirky couple in Kissing Jessica Stein, their first lesbian relationship is a bumpy, overly complicated ride. But writers and co-stars Heather Juergensen and Jennifer Westfeldt — who based the movie on their play Lipschtick — say kissing was one of the easiest parts about making it.

"Just like in life, with any woman/man/whatever, a first kiss is a first kiss," explains Westfeldt, who plays neurotic Jessica. "You're nervous, even as an actor. It's big! Once you kiss, though, you break the ice and then from there it feels natural."

Although both women currently have boyfriends in real life, they've become experts at smooching each other. In fact, it's now pretty much old hat. "Of course, we got so used to working together for so long, we started saying, 'Kiss me this way... No, harder!'" laughs Juergensen, who plays hedonistic Helen. "The magic was gone, shall we say."

The duo thinks the initial awkwardness of Jessica and Helen's first dates makes the film relatable to more than just liberal art-house moviegoers. Says Westfeldt: "We found that because Jessica starts out conservative — thinking [lesbian intimacy] is 'gross' — the arc seems to include a lot more people than we knew."