Brooklyn girl Rosie Perez is biting back at the media's depiction of the "Latin Explosion." "I'm probably the only Latin who's going to say it," she tells TV Guide Online. "Four or five top box-office people do not make an explosion. It's disgusting to me that people are perceiving it that way."

And she doesn't stop there: "They're throwing us a bone ? and I don't want a bone, I want the whole pig. I'm not satisfied. I'm happy with the opportunities that have been presented, but it's a shame that a lot of Latin actors are not being recognized for the work they do."

Perez's body of work is certainly diverse. She lends her distinctive voice to Dreamworks' latest animated venture, The Road to El Dorado, voicing the sexiest cartoon character since Jessica Rabbit. Plus, there's King of the Jungle (directed by her husband, Seth Zvi Rosenfeld), in which she plays "a pothead lesbian. I have my first tongue kiss with a woman."

Her first female smooch turned out to be a memorable experience. "I think I'm so hip and liberal and so cool, [but] I freaked out! The other actress, Julie Carmen , was freaking out in rehearsals, and me and John [Leguizamo] were going, 'Lady, please get with the times!' So, when she kisses me she goes for it and sticks her tongue down my throat! My husband was sitting there and he was so excited. I thought, 'What's that about?' "