Acting wunderkind and virgin director Edward Norton enjoys watching a good three-way ? cinematically, that is. In his new romantic comedy, Keeping the Faith, good things for the actor do indeed come in threes.

"I like the complication of three-way relationships," he tells TV Guide Online. "As an audience member, I've always been a fan of movies like Broadcast News, The Philadelphia Story, some of Woody Allen's films and even Jules and Jim, which is not a comedy, per se, but [it] is about a dynamic between three people over time."

Norton must like the number because he directed, co-wrote and stars in the movie about a priest (his character), a rabbi (Ben Stiller) and Dharma & Greg's Jenna Elfman, who tests the faith of both. Norton said a few "Hail Marys" hoping the priest-rabbi Catskills shtick wouldn't tick off the Catholics and Jews in the audience. "The aim of the film was obviously not to be provocative or critical," he says. "I think this was more to poke fun [at] or have fun with conventions and practices. It had some themes that I think, without getting too heavy, were things people could relate to. I mean, the Catholics seem to really like the Catholic jokes, and the Jews seem to really like the Jewish jokes. I don't think it's going to push anybody's buttons too hard."