Kiefer Sutherland Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland's biggest complaint about his seven weeks in jail? No cigarettes.

The 24 star completed his term for DUI months ago and talks about the experience in the Men's Vogue December/January issue.

"There's no smoking," Sutherland says. "The lights never go out, 24/7. You can't cover anything. You can't even put your head under a blanket. All the cells have cameras in them."

But cameras weren't the only thing infringing on Sutherland's privacy — he also had to deal with another inmate in his cell.

"I was told, you know, 'You'll have your own cell.' But I didn't for the first two or three weeks; I had a cell mate," he says.

But perhaps Sutherland will be able to turn his time on the inside into something positive. Though he has resumed smoking, Sutherland thinks his 48 days without cigarettes proved he could kick the habit completely.

"My drinking was not a daily thing, so it wasn't an issue," he says. "And, oddly enough, neither was the smoking. I was very glad to know that I could quit. And one day soon I will."

Sutherland returns to television as Jack Bauer in 24: Redemption on Nov. 23 and in the show's new season on Jan. 11. The issue of Men's Vogue, featuring Sutherland on the cover, hits newsstands Nov. 25.