Suggestion for MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch: Linda Fiorentino vs. Kevin Smith.

"Linda created crisis and trauma and anguish," Smith says of working with Fiorentino on Dogma. "She created drama while we were making a comedy. She was ticked off that there were other people in the movie who were more famous than she was."

Smith also claims that Fiorentino bailed on promoting the flick. "She saw the poster and went nuts. They put her head on another body because she never did a photo shoot. The body had more cleavage than she has and she was pissed that nobody approved it with her, so she refused to do any more press. It's not like we were hinging on all that Fiorentino press — I fought to cast the woman in the movie."

Perhaps Fiorentino can bond with Disney chief Michael Eisner, who is also on the outspoken director's hit list. Smith posted a scathing diatribe on his web site when he heard through the grapevine that Eisner "didn't get" his animated version of Clerks, which premieres Wednesday on ABC, but he's not scared that his recent comments bashing ABC and Eisner will hurt his career.

"Does he have that much power to kick me out of movies? Maybe out of the Disney family. Am I afraid? No! [I was being] honest. It's not me screaming for the sake of being a baby. I guess they expected us to take it on the chin. We put a lot of hard work into the show."

Kevin, tell us how you really feel.