If Judge Judy ever appears to be winded while guesting on The Tonight Show, chances are she's been getting down with bandleader Kevin Eubanks during the commercial breaks.

Eubanks tells TV Guide Online the no-nonsense TV judge has been known to cut loose and treat the studio audience to some rocking song-and-dance numbers during commercial breaks.

"Judge Judy will get up and dance in a second," he says. "If we're doing a funk tune our vocalist, Vicky, will take the mike over to Judy and she'll just jump into it."

"I knew when I saw her walk out that she had a bouncier step than most people, so I figured I'd just try something with her," he says. "The crowd just loves that. So when you see the audience screaming when we come back from the commercial break, that's what they are excited about."

When he's not busy on the set, Eubanks says he joins other Tonight Show staffers at Jay Leno's house to help the host prepare his opening monologue. Leno's wife, Mavis, usually provides the eats.

"I've never tasted one thing that Jay has cooked," says Eubanks. "His idea of a meal is to throw a pizza in the oven for like half a minute and eat it while it's cold and go on to the next joke."