Jane Lynch and Lauren Potter Jane Lynch and Lauren Potter

It's a good time to be Lauren Potter. Besides having recently been appointed by President Obama to his Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities, the 21-year-old Glee star got to party with movie stars at the Golden Globes, is up for a SAG ensemble award at the end of the month, and has a pivotal storyline in this week's episode. 

Her popular character, Becky Jackson, bravely proclaims her love to Artie (Kevin McHale). "Artie is so sweet and nice and handsome; great boyfriend material," says Lauren, who enjoyed running lines with Kevin. "Becky is spunky and loves Artie, and I think they'd be great at dating and stuff."

Becky doesn't let anything — including her disability — get in the way of pursuing her man and ends up asking Artie out on a date. Lauren, who is just as brave in her own life, says she also has no reservations about asking boys out. "I'm a flirt," she admits. Her advice: "If a guy asks you out, make sure he's honest. I think [most] boys are trouble. They all act so immature."

Sadly, Artie's not so sure Becky's the girl for him, which finds both students seeking out the advice of an uncharacteristically sensitive Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch). "Sue is very nice to Becky when she's feeling sad," says Lauren, who offers up this exclusive tease of a future episode: "Sue will want Becky to be her daughter, and Becky thinks Sue would be a great mom."

Which boy do you think Becky should be paired with on Glee? Any Bartie fans out there?  And how do you think Sue would be as a mom? Sound off in the comments section!

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